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*NEW* Android Complete Coding Course

Courses Description
The ideal course to get you Google certified. This course provides the basic teaching methodology through lectures and hands on coding techniques using Android platform to create individual applications as well as excel production power in a high tech environment while learning all the best practices. Android for beginners is the essential course for you to add to your CV and boost your chances of getting a top job. It is a course targeted for beginners without any coding experience and will allow every individual to gain access to all material and software, technical skills and a better understanding of mobile applications. No prerequisite knowledge is required.
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 I.            Exploring the Application Basics

Setting up your environment

Creating an Android Project

     Creating a project with Android Studio


II.            Creating User Interfaces – XML

Building a Simple User Interface

     Alternative Layouts

     Create a Linear Layout – Relative Layouts

     Add a Text Field

     Add a String Resources

     Add a Button

     Make the input box fill in the Screen Width

     Run your App

Running your App

     Run on a Real Device

     Set up your device

     Run the app from Android Studio

     Run the app from a command line

     Run on the Emulator

             Create an AVD

             Run the app from Android Studio

        Run the app from the command line

III.            Activities and Lifecycles

Managing the Activity Lifecycle

     Pausing and resuming your activities

Pausing your activities

            Resume your activities

Recreating an Activity

            Save your Activity State

            Restore your Activity State

IV.            Intents, Adapters, Recyclers, List Views and Lists

Sending the User to another App

            Build an Implicit Intent

            Verify there is an App to Receive the Intent

            Start an Activity with the Intent

            Show an App Chooser

Getting the Result from an Activity

            Start the Activity

            Receive the Result

            Bonus chapter: Read the contact data

Allowing other users to start your Activity

            Add an Intent Filter

            Handle the Intent in your Activity

Return a Result


V.            Fragments

Creating a Fragment

            Create a Fragment class

            Add a Fragment to an Activity using XML

Building a flexible UI

            Add a Fragment to an Activity at Runtime

            Replace One Fragment with Another

Communicating with Other Fragments

            Define an Interface

            Implement the Interface

            Deliver a Message to a Fragment

VI.            Network Calls (APIs and JSON)

Transmitting Network Data Using Volley

Setting up a Request Queue

Making a Standard Request

Implementing a Custom Request

VII.            Acquiring Data (Key-value set, Files and SQL Lite)

Saving Data

Saving Key-Value Sets

Saving Files

Saving Data in SQL Databases

VIII.            Handling Push Notifications

Notifying the User

Building a Notification

Preserving the navigation when starting an Activity

Updating notifications

Using big view styles

Displaying progress in a notification

IX.            Services, Broadcast Receivers, Custom Listeners

Running the a Background Service

Creating a Background Service

Sending Work Requests to the Background Service

Reporting Work Status

X.            Locations, Maps and SDKs

Getting the Last Known Location

Receiving Location Updates

Displaying a Location Address

Creating and Monitoring Geofences

Adding Maps

Map Objects


Camera and View