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*NEW* Business Essentials: Road map to financing.

Courses Description
The Road Map to financing your idea, Start-up or SME. This course will give you the secrets into building your start up from scratch and acquiring the right funding from the right type of investors.
Courses Details



This course aims to improve entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy and awareness in order to better identify source of funding and financing opportunities.


The course unveils all funding sources making it clear for entrepreneurs to pursue funding for their ideas and startups




1. Gain entrepreneurship decision making and negotiation skills and how to prepare your business plan and an investor pitch deck


2. Learn business Financials and how to conduct feasibility analysis


3. Achieve a greater level of financial literacy and knowledge of financial products


4. Learn about funding sources (Banks, funds, Incubators, Accelerators, VCs, Angels, etc.) and how to attract funding for your Idea, Startup or SME


Training Venue: Torch,6th Floor, Jallad Bldg. Hamra St. Beirut Lebanon

Duration: 2 weeks

Starting Date: November 6th