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IT4105 Advanced Android

Courses Description
This course provides the complex teaching methodology through lectures and hands on coding techniques using Android platform to create individual applications as well as excel production power in a high tech environment while learning all the best practices. Android Advanced is the best course providing the boost to your CV and your chances of getting a top job.
Courses Details


The objectives of Advanced Android is to give a more detailed explanation of what is Android and more of the theory. You will be using Android Studio and Android SDK as main platforms to implement the theoretical knowledge practically.  


Learning Outcomes   

It is a course that will allow you to gain all the necessary technical skills, material and software to build and update an Android mobile application.

You will learn how to handle resource folders, XML Layouts, Dimensions, Strings and many more will all be explained in detail.     

Target Audience

No prerequisite knowledge is required.

Those with no programming development knowledge or experiences. 

Those with programming development knowledge but wanting to learn new skills and enrich their portfolio. 



The course will be offered over three full days or eight evenings (6-9) for eight sessions.

Course Structure

Day One

Activity Life Cycle and other important activity methods

Intents in Android (Explicit and Implicit intents)



Persistent Storage (Shared preferences,SQL-Lite database)

JSON (Serialization/Deserialization)

Network calls and multithreading


Day Two

Proper image handling and caching

Google maps and location services

Push notification services

Services, broadcast receivers…

Overview about the Android Material Design