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*NEW* Web Complete Coding Course

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‘In technology, the only limit you have is your imagination!’ All that is up to you is to distinguish yourself from others and this is where The Complete Coding Course comes in.
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Torch is here to continuously aid and support you explore new initiatives to enhance the community we live in. 

Torch has and will always support its candidates in getting hired after completing the course providing them with full stack development skills in Front End, Back End and General Technical Courses inclusive (listed below) and concluding the course in finding the best suited vacancy for you!  Our network of companies are always looking for developers and having teamed up with many Torch guarantees support in finding the ideal place for you. 

Offers are available, please contact +961 70 168822 for more information.

Sign up here: and select short courses. 

<Back End> 

1. System Architecture    3 hours

2. Microsoft SQL Server  6 hours

3. C# & Simple functions 6 hours

4. ASP.Net Rest APIs      4 hours

<Front End>

1. HTML 5 and CSS      3 hours

2. JavaScript Basics      3 hours

3. Angular JavaScript    6 hours

4. Design to Full App     1 hour


1. Project Management     1 hour

2. UML by Example           1 hour

3. Software Engineering    1 hour

4. Topics in IT and GDPR  1 hour

All that is up to you is to distinguish yourself from others and this is where The Complete Coding Course comes in.  Sign up now to gain the latest technical skills, professional attitude and ideal IT skills to excel in all that you do.  Companies are looking for candidates able to multi-task and have a broad understanding both web and mobile...
Taking this course will give you the right push making you the ideal candidate!