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Arduino Summer Camp

We are hosting a summer camp dedicated to teaching teenagers programming and basic electronics. The camp will be at the Torch offices in Hamra Street. The idea behind it is to help kids build their skills in this field and promote their development and their hobbies. The skills we give them will help push their critical thinking and problem solving skills. It will also help them open up more doors later and make it easier to pursue an education in a computer science, IT, or computer engineering. Ultimately, we also want to teach them how to solve their own problems and figure things out with research.

The program will consist of several small “do it yourself” style projects with us providing equipment and any necessary guidance along the way.

We will also be providing the students with a complete Arduino starter kit, which they can take home at the end of the program to continue practicing and develop this hobby. 

The program will last 2 weeks with 8 sessions in total. The sessions will run for 3 hours each.

Applicants can choose between morning sessions (9am till 12pm) and afternoon sessions (2pm till 5pm).

Applicants also may choose between attending in July in August.

Students can choose between attending Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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