Torch Academy | Lebanon Training & Internship Bootcamp for Coders



What is Torch?

It is a coding and technical Boot Camp, a Business Platform and a Training Hub.

Why choose Torch?

Torch has the mission of empowering and enabling graduates with skills to accelerate their transition to the Knowledge Information Technology Economy (KITE).  

How is Torch achieving its mission?

Through giving out training and interning scholarships for graduates of Computer Science and related disciplines, in order to develop their coding hands on technical skills, to enhance their job opportunities, and skills in Information Technology (IT). Furthermore, Torch provides the business and technical platform enabling these graduates, experts and visionaries from all sectors with creative ideas to develop these ideas into the next break through IT products.

Who is supporting Torch?

Torch is funded by Li Bank and is 100% supported by Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL) via decree 331.

Is Torch local to Lebanon?

Torch launches in Lebanon and has the vision, through strategic partnerships of expanding regionally and internationally. Candidates and interested parties from all over are welcome to Contact Us.

What programs does Torch have to offer?

IT Boot Camp

B Platform for boot campers and experts

Training Hub

Research Link

If you are dreaming of a better future, better job prospects, better opportunities...

APPLY now for your scholarship here, Torch shall enable you to achieve your dreams and has the skills for it.

What is the IT Boot Camp?

Is it is a scholarship based program. It accelerates technical and programming expertise by providing intensive hands on training and mentoring in coding language and platforms for fourteen weeks. You acquire in fourteen weeks what is equivalent to two years of expertise.

Are there opportunities for scholarships?

Yes, this program is giving training scholarships for graduates of Computer Science, similar and related disciplines to build their technical coding expertise in a fourteen week training program.

What do I learn?

You learn to code in a variety of programming environments, languages and scripts for various platforms.

What do I get to develop?

Web applications

Mobile apps (Android and IOS)



And much more

Who can join Torch boot camp?

Anyone who has just completed a BSc degree in Computer Science or relevant information technology disciplines such as Computer Engineering.

Other majors are also accepted.

If I am a junior, can I join the boot camp?

We are working on special programs for juniors, Contact Us to learn more.

Why should I join the boot camp?

Torch helps you to build practical and technical expertise that is essential for your career progress.

I have an idea that I would like to develop, can Torch help me?

Yes, Torch enables you to realise it to a product throughout training.

I am not a Computer Science Graduate, Can I join?

Yes, you are eligible to apply. We will consider you application in light of your contribution to the development of new ideas/products as well as learn coding from A to Z. See also our Business Platform.

How much does training at troch Boot camp cost?

Similar training would typically cost you 15,000 dollars but torch provides it as a scholarship for successful applicants.  Registration fees will apply.

How can I join the boot camp?

Simply fill the application form online and we will contact you.

Are there any entrance exams?

No, but we require you to sit assessments just to understand your level of technical knowledge.  A simple interview will also be conducted to understand your background more and to answer any of your questions.  

What do I achieve by joining the Torch boot camp?

You graduate with a Torch Diploma.

You acquire an equivalent of two years of programming expertise in only fourteen weeks of training.

What happens after I finish my training?

You would have transformed your idea into a product so you graduate to the business Platform where we help materialise the product into a business venture.

Or you choose to find a job so we help you get it.

<For experts and business boot campers>

Have a creative and dream business idea? ….Now you have torch to help you build it!

What is the B Platform program?

The B platform short for Business Platform, targets graduates from the boot camp and all graduates, experts, visionaries from all domains and of all age ranges, with creative ideas and enables them realize these into IT Business products..

The business platform enables you to translate ideas into IT products and also business ventures. The business platform enables you to realize and witness your idea as an MVP (Minimum Viable IT Product) in fourteen weeks.

I am not a Computer Science graduate, how can I join torch? and in what capacity?

You can join torch as a business Boot camper. We will team you up with developers where you can work together to develop your idea into a product.  You can also cooperate with torch as a Business Knowledge Expert.

If you would like to join the Torch IT coding boot camp, please specify you have no coding knowledge.

I have an idea for new product, can you help me develop it?

Yes. We would love to listen to you. Please Contact Us.

I am a company and need your help in developing an IT application for my business, would you help me?

Yes. We would love to listen to you and to help you. Please Contact Us

I am not a Computer Science Graduate, can I benefit from your business platform?

Yes. We welcome graduates and experts from all domains. Just Contact Us.

Is there a specific age to join your Business Platform?

No. There is no age limit.  The sky is the limit.

Do you help me with establishing my company with business planning?

Yes, once you have your application ready our business team will help develop the business plan and feasibility study.

How about funding?

We will guide you through and set you in contact with funding sources.

What if I do not have an office?

No problem. torch will incubate your business.

Torch enables you to achieve your dreams and has the skill.

Do you have the guts for it? If yes, then it's time to Contact Us. 

What is the Training Hub?

The Training Hub targets professionals, employees wanting to enhance their skills with short technical and programming courses and techniques. Businesses wanting to excel IT skills of their staff are also welcome.

I am not a fresh graduate, I need training.  Can Torch help me?

Yes, Torch training Hub offers short courses designed especially for professionals.

I am not a fresh graduate, I have an idea I would like to develop, can Torch help me?

Yes, Torch enables you to realize it into a MVP in just fourteen weeks.

I am a company and would like to train my staff, can you help me?

Yes, we will help you determine your training needs and deliver these to your candidate employees. Please Contact Us.

Is training for short courses free?

No, you pay only a small fee.

What is the Research Link?

The research link provides help for other programs. It researches any issue in the field of Information Technology for innovation purposes.

Can you help me with developing applications for my Research?

Yes, Contact Us.

Contact Us, Talk to us, Join us!